Sample Questions

There are 22 surveys. Nearly all of the questions are yes-no questions. Eg. Have you found relief through massage, exercise, nearby vibrations?

There are a few questions that ask among a series of answers.

Eg. What parts of the body are affected by dystonia in your case? Check all that apply.

            eyes                           shoulder

            face                            arm

            mouth                         hand, fingers

            vocal cords                  leg, foot, toes

            neck                             trunk

For some questions, it is possible to write in an answer.

Eg. Has dystonia interfered with doing your favorite sport or hobby?

Yes but I still do it.


There is a range of topics, and people can select ones that interest them.

eg. about symptoms

Are you often in intense pain?

eg. about symptom progression

Does your dystonia seem less for the first hour of each day?

eg. about effect on daily life

Have you adjusted how you hold a book to read because of dystonia?

eg. about times when the dystonia seems less/ sensory tricks

Are there parts of your body that when you touch them the tremors suddenly stop?

eg. about specific body parts affected

eg. about ways you have learned to cope

Do you find that a hot bath or shower is a huge relief ?

eg. about medical access, tests, treatments

Is it hard to stay still during an X ray or other scan?

eg. about effects and side effects of treatments

Since the treatment are you sleeping longer?

eg. about alternative treatments tried

Have you tried Yoga?

eg. about moods and emotional supports

Do you feel people are staring at you?

eg. about how you describe dytonia to others

Do you tell others that your body is fighting against itself?

eg. about possible causes

Have you had a whiplash type injury?

eg. about some controversial issues

Researchers wonder if the muscle spindles are too sensitive and are sending back overactive messages.

Does it feel like your muscles need to be quieted, made less active?

eg. about your outlook

Do you still go to family gatherings?